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Learn the powerful secret to unlocking business growth

Aside from getting a business coach; talking things through, writing plans down, reflecting on the output and then taking the right kind of action are key steps to generate business growth.  All this need only take an hour or two, but what a valuable amount of time you will have spent on your business development. Coaching needn’t be a myth, it’s about all of the above, so set aside some time and create the space to unlock your most powerful secret; you.

What do you do best?

So, the most important asset in your small business is you. In your business what is your unique brilliance, that rationally thinking about means that no one else you know is doing what you do in the way that you do it?

This is worth spending 20 minutes focusing on and jotting down what you do best in your small business. This usually goes hand in hand with what you are really happy doing too. So, if you could spend all day every day doing those tasks you love to do and are pretty darn good at doing what would they be? This is your starting point…

Hopefully you have a list of around 5-8 aspects here that reflect what you love to do the most and what you feel you’re best at. Once you have this list, this will help you to develop and cement a clear message for your business; what you offer, how it’s delivered and what results and benefits your product and service offers. It can underpin your marketing message, your elevator speech (for when you’re out at networking events) and your website homepage. It sounds simple to do and remember most aspects of business can be developed from small ideas…small acorns…

I really don’t want to know!

Once you have nailed down your unique brilliance, spend some time in the opposite space – think about the tasks in your small business you are not good at and do not enjoy doing. Treat this as a cathartic exercise. Compiling this list will show you how much time you spend on the jobs you hate or that take too long because you don’t have the right skills, resources or desire to learn them. This, too, will help you to unlock a mass of business growth. If you really want to grow your small business delegate those tasks to a more skilled business owner to free your time up so you can focus on the tasks you love to do. Change your mindset around the ‘catch 22’ of needing more business growth before you can delegate the jobs you don’t like to do. Be proactive and force the change you and your business needs.

These are amongst the strategies I use when working with my clients. To learn more about my small business coaching programs click here or call me direct to have a chat and book your free consultation.