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Make it Happen’ Business Coaching

lisaCoaching with Clare has really helped transform my business to one that I am proud of and love being part of. Clare helped me understand & work on the things that were holding me back to allow the changes to begin…offering sound, constructive advice and tough love when I have definitely needed it! Our structured sessions have helped me achieve many things including re-branding my business, moving premises, having an open day party, changing my fees and introducing a membership scheme. My marketing plan is much improved and I am much clearer on how to get the best from things by setting a positive intention. I totally recommend Clare to anyone who needs to understand & overcome their business or personal challenges. Read the full case study here meta4_case-study_lisa-from-birmingham

Lisa, Birmingham

Clare is a superstar and I have no hesitation recommending her. I had always dreamed of running my own business, but for me the challenge was more about tying down all the ideas and mapping out potential options. Through Clare’s significant experience and structured approach I am the proud owner of my own business and we’re having a great time as we negotiate the start-up process. Don’t miss the opportunity to work with Claire, she can help!

Adam, Impact Sales Coaching

Coaching with Clare from Meta4 Coaching has been an eye opening experience both in business and professionally. Clare has helped me to gain clarity on the vision for my business, and also think about what impact that vision will have on my personal life.

Gaining clarity has meant everything to me giving me a renewed sense of passion, confidence and excitement about the future of business. I’m still a work in progress, but I look forward to working with Clare to take my business to the next level.

Clare’s passion to get results from her clients is evident from day one with working with her, she knows just what to say to squash those limiting beliefs and propel you forward to start achieving those goals that you have set out for your business.

Claudine, Tailored Communications

Having had experience of being coached on a personal level I was aware of the impact a similar process could have on my business. I also felt I needed an independent experienced sounding board to make sure I was heading in the right direction. Clare and I got on well from the start, and she was quick to remind me of my past achievements and how my wide and varied experience would assist me in my quest to build a business from nothing. Her own experience of starting out alone, having been in a large organisation mirrored my own and she clearly understood the panic, scariness and trepidation I was feeling at the time.

Once we had set out our expectations and goals for the sessions, Clare challenged and questioned my own objectives and business goals. This was an excellent way of making me focus on what I was hoping to achieve; both intrinsically and extrinsically from the business. When two unexpected opportunities came along which changed my original plans, Clare was able to help me analyse whether the opportunities were what I wanted to do and right for the business as a whole.

We are now focusing on long term goals to ensure that the day to day fire fighting does not cloud the need for planning for the future, both for the business and for me. It has been a very thought provoking process and extremely worthwhile. I would recommend Clare without hesitation.

Sue, Pink Mortar

I appointed Clare to assist me with a career transition from being a head of a department in a national organisation to starting a business. I required assistance as I lacked the clarity of thought and purpose to understand the direction I wanted to go in and the specific tasks needed to achieve the transition. Clare was extremely quick to understand my drivers, my personality and my learning methods; and was able, from the first session, to create the appropriate coaching environment for me to immediately achieve my career change goals. I have never known such structured progress in such a restricted time period. She exceeded my expectations as a coach and I have no hesitation in recommending her as a coach.” There are two lines from a poem by William Ernest Henley which sum up how I feel now: I am the captain of my fate, [&] I am the captain of my soul.’

Abigail Hall, Interior Designer – Case Study ‘What should I do with my Life?’

I sought Clare’s help when looking to set up my own freelance marketing business. Whilst at times my coaching sessions were a little uncomfortable – because Clare challenged and pushed me out of my comfort zone – she really inspired and made me feel that what I wanted was actually possible (which I had doubted previously). Having worked out my objectives we then went onto develop a detailed action plan with tangible actions. If I hadn’t had Clare’s help and support I really don’t think I would have got my business off the ground with the self confidence that she has helped me to develop.

Fiona Pendleton

I started working with Clare 5 months ago at a time when I really wasn’t happy with where my business was. I always felt I had the potential, but something wasn’t quite right. I was working myself into the ground and definitely not enjoying working for myself anymore.

At the time it was a massive decision to invest in a coach.  But I can honestly say it was one of the best decisions I have ever made. After working with Clare for 5 months I came away the happiest that I have ever been with more confidence and crystal clear clarity on where I am going (which turned out to be offering a completely different service that I was originally).

If you’re not happy with where you are in your business, I would 100% recommend getting a coach and working with Clare. If you have any questions on how it worked for me I am more than happy to answer them. Thank you!

Tom, Fully Booked Marketing, Sutton Coldfield

After attending one of Clare’s workshops I decided she was the right business coach for me. I started working with Clare 6 months ago and the time has just flown by. With her knowledge and experience Clare quickly helped me to identify what I needed to do to take my business forward and she guided me in how to do this. With a structured approach I have achieved so much in terms of personal growth, business growth, structure, marketing, goal setting and forward planning. I now have a focus and a structure that will take my business to the next level. I would highly recommend Clare.

Sharon Taylor, Complete Harmony

I arrived as a jigsaw puzzle, all broken into pieces. At the end of the 12 month coaching program I gained so much confidence in dealing with so many small business day to day issues that are now not a problem. Clare helped me to put the pieces of the puzzle into place and so my business still has lots to work on but the picture is much clearer now. Clare helped my business to grow by 30% on average each month. Can’t thank you enough!

Julie Hughes, The Village Rainbow

Coaching has given me a new perspective on my business. I have achieved all I set out to achieve and more; I understand more about my ideal customers and have learned more about how to formulate a strategy that helps me do more of the work I love. In the time I worked with Clare I increased my revenues, won new business and developed a healthier work/life balance. Essentially I now make more money but work less hours. I would recommend working with Clare to anyone who wants to develop an effective, profitable short, medium and long term plan for their business.

Elaine Pritchard, Caittom Publishing


The Next Level Business Coaching

I am currently working with Clare, and although we are only half way through a business coaching programme she has already made a huge difference to the way I think about the services I provide, my work-life balance and helping me do more of the work I love most. The monthly sessions are challenging, thought-provoking – and fun. Clare is focused on achieving results for her clients and I would recommend her to anyone who wants to take a fresh look at how and why they do things and move their business up to the next level.

Elaine Pritchard, Caittom Publishing

I engaged Clare as a Business Coach prior to leaving the UK to work remotely for 3 months. I needed to make sure that I had a robust business strategy that would facilitate this move. Clare immediately sought to understand my business, asking the right questions to spark ideas and creativity within me. She inspired and motivated me to complete those tasks that are so important but always get pushed to the bottom of the pile. The result of this work has been an improved product offering and greater clarity around my short, medium and long term business goals. I would highly recommend any business owner seeking to grow their business to contact Clare.

LJ Sarkodee, Recruiting Edge

I chose Clare as my business coach because she came across as having a genuine interest in my business and success. We worked together over 5 sessions and in just a short time, with Clare’s focus I found that I had a sensible sales process, increased contacts, testimonials, a sensible social media plan and lots of ideas about how I could reach my goals through creative campaigns and strategic partnerships. I found the time I spent with Clare inspiring and challenging for the right reasons. I have no doubt that the outcomes I am starting to see are coming about as a result of my renewed focus, a focus that has been honed with Clare’s help.

Hazel Langley, Induction Junction

Coaching with Clare has really helped transform my business to one that I am proud of and love being part of. Before my sessions I was unhappy professionally but unable to set goals for fear of not achieving them. Clare helped me understand & work on the things that were holding me back to allow the changes to begin. She has always offered sound, constructive advice – and tough love when I have definitely needed it! Our structured sessions have helped me achieve many things including re-branding my business, moving premises, having an open day party, changing my fees and introducing a membership scheme. My marketing plan is much improved and I am much clearer on how to get the best from things by setting a positive intention. I’m still a work in progress, but I’m confident that with Clare’s help my long term goals are now achievable. I totally recommend Clare to anyone who needs to understand & overcome their business or personal challenges.

Lisa, Birmingham

Achieve great results for your business. It’s been 2 weeks since my 1st business coaching session & you have transformed my thinking!

I’m so glad I met Clare. She is professional, reliable & extremely good at Life and Business Coaching. She was able to quickly understand my current business situation, to fixate on areas I was lacking, including my confidence & self perception, to enable me to realise my business potential. She is very structured in her approach and throughout the coaching sessions, I felt a more successful and pro-active version of myself by the finish!

Maxine Moseley, Aesthetic Nurse

I have worked with Clare as my business coach since February this year (2014) and the results in 5 short months have been amazing. Clare works as hard as her clients to ensure progress is monitored and results achieved. She is both analytical and creative and really thinks outside the box. My business objective in February was to achieve 50% increase in turnover by June. Objective achieved!
I not only recommend Clare’s business and lifestyle coaching service highly, but I will continue to use her as a coach in the future. To have a specialist, who can look at my business objectively and give excellent advice and direction is imperative to my business growth.

Nikki Radvanyi, The Solihull Concierge

“Clare is passionate about getting results from her clients, and the time I have spent with her has been effective, and motivational. She knows just the right buttons to push to get you to efficiently move forward, even if there is something you really don’t want to face!!!

Clare has really helped me get to a point where I know what else I need to do to continue to improve my business – and has helped give me the confidence to know that I can! Thanks Clare!

Sally Wagstaff, Xodos Aesthetics Ltd

“Clare was initially tasked to improve my marketing skills. Over the 12 months that I was mentored, I was set achievable goals and deadlines to reach. During my time with Clare my confidence improved and I have become better structured with my time management”


It given me the confidence I needed and it’s been really good to obtain a different perspective with regard to how the business is being run.

The board with the post-it notes on was a great idea which would be really beneficial if we adopted it throughout the different areas in the workplace. Stress management has improved enormously. Overall opinion is that we find having a mentor hugely beneficial.


I’ve had several coaching sessions with Clare. Each one has been highly professional, focused and time efficient. Clare has a real ‘no nonsense’ approach to her work, which as a busy business owner, was just what I was looking for. Highly recommended.

Sara Moseley, Great Little Picture Company

Present and Communicate with Confidence 

I asked to meet with Clare as I wanted help with my Presentation Skills. The reason why I wanted to work with Clare specifically is because I had met her at a Networking event and her own presentation style was:-
1          Vibrant
2          Dynamic
3          Captivating – meaning specifically that she grabbed everybody’s attention

Her style, pace and approach was definitely a style, pace and approach that I wanted to be able to use in my own career and life when presenting to others. During the time with Clare she helped me to:-
1          Identify my audience and change my ‘pitch’ to suit them
2          Relax and enjoy presenting
3          Slowwww………down my pace of delivery
4          Enable me to have the confidence and self belief that I had something to offer that others would want to listen to and learn from (she helped me overcome some negative, limiting beliefs about myself).
5          Practice, practice, practice.

Clare’s style of coaching was relaxed, yet assertive, honest and kind, relaxed and fun. I would have no hesitation in recommending Clare to anyone considering getting some coaching for Presentation skills, confidence or for coaching in general.

Mandy Ward, Centresoft

Clare delivered a presenting and communicating with confidence workshop to a group of our most vulnerable clients to help them improve their confidence and communication skills. She adapted her approach to meet the needs of the client group which was well reflected in the feedback from clients. The course was informative and provided a range of activities for everyone to take part in what they felt comfortable with. A number of the participants said they would highly recommend we used Clare again should we do similar workshops in the future and felt that gained a lot from the workshop. Overall I was impressed with Clare’s professionalism and flexibility and ability to engage a tough client group.

Sophia, Senior Employment and Training Adviser – Skills for Jobs

With all the supporting tools gained throughout the coaching. I now, before any task which I’m nervous of on taking, I subconsciously judge what level I am on my Perception-o-meter; then lift myself up three or four levels and approach with a higher level of confidence.

Carl Holdback, SAIC Motor UK Technical Centre Ltd.

Lots of useful information and tips on appearing confident and presenting yourself. I use techniques such as projecting a positive image through dress and positive language on a daily basis, and found advice and techniques on combating nerves and anxieties really useful in interview and stressful situations. In fact, since attending the course I have obtained internal promotion using Clare’s techniques to interview better and feel more confident in my abilities.


My course with Clare was to improve my confidence and presentation skills infront of customers.   The strategies and tools Clare uses are very useful and after the first session without realising, I was putting these techniques and improvements into my every day life. I am now a lot more confident infront of potential clients and in my general life.

Jim Botham, Vestas Aircoil

I booked coaching with Clare, after a very nerve racking 60 second presentation. I improved with confidence after our first session, even though Clare took me out my comfort zone. Clare is very professional and easy to work with, and makes you look at yourself and where you would like your business to be. I would not hesitate to recommend Clare and would use her again in the future.

Joan & Jacqueline, Bijou Grand Events

Clare is a very professional and motivational coach. I am a Director of a major FMCG company and have had several professional coaches. However I approached Clare when I was facing into some particularly tough challenges at work, that were spilling over into my personal life. Through a well structured and comprehensive program, Clare not only restored my self confidence but also challenged my thinking around how I approached my role and how I managed my professional relationships. I would highly recommend her.

I went for a Grocery Trader Director role; however, having got to the final stage with the chairman, they didn’t offer me that role, but the role of Strategy Director, the next level above. My confidence in myself is mainly down to our excellent coaching sessions, so thank you so much. I start on Monday and am really excited! It does mean that we have to move, but both career wise and financially it is absolutely the right decision.

Chris, Birmingham

‘I went to see Clare because I was unhappy in my job, she helped me to take a close look at my life and find what I truly wanted to do with my life. I would recommend going to see a life coach, but don’t expect it to be easy!’

Vicki Cox

Clare helped me when I did not know which way to turn, she helped me decide what it was I wanted most in my life and helped me to draw up strategies, plans and goals.  I am now much clearer about what it is I want from life and have already started making major changes.

Ellen O’Brien

I had for some time put off meeting Clare; I mean what do I need a life coach for, what value is she going to offer me and my life??? Eventually I got there, and in the first session I can only liken Clare to a sculptor and thought of the conversation between the painter and the sculptor.   The painter turned round to the sculptor one day and asked, “how is it you can carve such beautiful statues out of big lumps of stone?” and the sculptor said ‘Well in actual fact I don’t…all I do is chip away at what doesn’t belong and chisel and refine what’s already there” And this is exactly what Clare does, she doesn’t try and make you into anything you aren’t already, she just helps chip away the fears, the doubt, the insecurities and the ideas you already have and helps you turn into a realisation that you can achieve. In 5 sessions Clare turned my life around, on a personal level and on a professional level.  If you want to make yourself feel better as a person, then don’t waste money on shoes, or a car for a temporary fix, see Clare for a permanent solution. Thank you Clare, thank you for everything; you made my eyes wide open to myself.

Michael Hitchins

Working with Clare was really worthwhile, she set a clear remit, with useful and manageable steps which help me achieve my objectives. Her style is very supportive and understanding but tough enough to get results. Thanks Clare.

Monique Klein

I embarked on the process of coaching whilst at a cross-roads and looking for something of a new direction.  Clare immediately understood my situation and what I was looking to achieve. From there she gave me some excellent tools and techniques to get into a more empowered, decisive mind-set and to be able to move forward with confidence whilst also addressing some of the obstacles and limiting beliefs that had help me back in the past. Using these tools and integrating them into my life has had a profound impact on me and I know that I will use them for the rest of my life.

Stephen, Birmingham

Clare has proved to be an excellent Coach and has helped me to identify my skills, clarify the direction I want to move in and keep me focused on achieving my next career move. She provides support and challenges which helps you recognise the best in yourself and provides tangible outcomes for each coaching session. I would highly recommend her in her role as a Life and Business Coach.

Belinda Lowe



What is coaching?

Coaching is about providing you with the time, space, right environment and opportunity to thoroughly explore and discuss what will help you achieve what you want and in a more positive and effective way. It’s about you airing ideas, challenges, strengths and development areas and having an objective and guiding sounding board so you can start to resolve your challenges and create positive action to help you to move forward in the most effective way possible.

How does coaching work?

A great coach will challenge you, get you thinking a little differently and will help you step outside of your comfort zone so you can start to find and implement solutions that work for you and your current challenges. Coaching is very action orientated – once you’ve worked out solutions through structured coaching – it’s time to start testing them out in the real world; what works, what needs tweaking and developing to ensure you get the best results each and every time.

My clients often mention an almost immediate change in mind-set, which shows just how powerful coaching can be.

How often do we meet?

We meet for coaching sessions monthly, sometimes twice monthly dependent upon your coaching program. This gives you the opportunity to start implementing your actions as per the coaching and to start seeing immediate results.

Email and phone contact can be made in between sessions with Clare to ensure you continue to have the accountability and motivation you may need to keep moving you forward. I also offer a private facebook group for like-minded business owners in which you can share goals, challenges and successes. For business owners access to our dedicated private facebook page acts as a great forum for you to seek advice and feedback on new ideas for new products and services. It’s a perfect marketing test ground!

How long are the sessions in duration?

Depending upon the coaching program most suited to your business needs and the ways you prefer to implement, coaching starts from monthly sessions of 90 minutes, plus an in-between accountabilty check-in of 30 minutes. This provides the opportunity to thoroughly explore current challenges, share and practice new stategies to resolve them with and a high level of accountability for focus and results.

Will coaching get me results?

If you are completely committed to achieving results, open to change and personal development, coaching can help you achieve amazing, life-changing and professional results. Just take another look at my success stories  to see what a huge impact coaching can have on both your personal and professional life.

Get in touch and take the first step. Here’s what Shabnam, a Paediatric Physiotherapist said after coming for a free consultation:
Thank you SO much for seeing me last week.  Even though it was just a brief session I found it super helpful. And I want to thank you for your time. Thank you for being so nice and allowing me speak about things. But thank you most of all for planting that little bit of confidence in me and helping me see where I need to go from here’ 


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