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Get you and your small business ready for 2017


A new year, psychologically and physically, gives us all the opportunity to start a fresh, (in reality we have this every day) turn over a new leaf and achieve bigger and better things for you and your small business. The most important step is to take the time out to think about what you want to achieve for your year and ahead and commit these plans to paper. Here’s how to make a start:

What’s your plan and strategy for 2017?

Developing you and your business takes clarity, focus and commitment. Diarise at least half a day in January (and then each month) to plan. What do you want to achieve by Christmas 2017? How many clients do you want to have helped? What do you want to have helped your clients achieve? Putting your customers at the forefront will help to create the clarity you need in order to map out your plan. Once you have answered these questions it’s time to move on to the ‘how’s’…

Have you set your business goals yet?

What steps do you need to take on a monthly, quarterly basis to make your plans come to fruition? Start by writing down 3-5 actions you (or a colleague) will take each month that will get you closer to achieving your overall plans. Get a big, blank sheet of paper, a fresh new writing pad or journal and allow yourself to think big and different for your small business.

Want to get visually inspired?

As a business coach and small business owner each year I mindmap what I want to achieve for my coaching practice. I write down the steps I need to, and will take to achieve those goals. I firm these goals up by creating a vision board – a visual representation of what I want to achieve – this helps to connect with my plans and keep inspired and motivated during the times I need reminding what and why I set out to do. During busy, stressful times a few minutes spent looking over my vision board helps to reset and ground you and your business.

Keep balanced; set personal goals

As well as moving your business forward what steps do you want and need to take to help make them happen? What will help you achieve calm, peace, focus, clarity and fulfilment? Create some personal goals you can both align and separate from your small business to feed yourself mentally and nurture yourself when business gets demanding and/or overwhelming. Perhaps it’s yoga, meditation, exercise or a physical challenge…

Either way let’s make 2017 the best it possibly can be.

These are amongst the strategies I use when working with my clients. To learn more about my small business coaching programs click here or call me direct to have a chat and book your free consultation.


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