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“The results in 5 short months have been amazing.
My business objective was to achieve 50% increase in turnover.
Objective achieved!”

Clare assisted me with career transition from head of a department to starting a business
and was able to create the appropriate coaching environment for me to immediately
achieve my career change goals.


Clare challenged, pushed, inspired me; made me feel what I wanted was actually possible.
Without Clare’s help and support I really don’t think I would have got my business off the ground.


Achieve great results for your business.
Clare is very structured in her approach and throughout the coaching sessions,
I felt a more successful and pro-active version of myself by the finish!

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You are running a small business and...

  • Want to make your money with more consistency and ease
  • Your confidence levels are low, you’re spending lots of energy for little results, you keep thinking about getting a ‘real job’
  • You need strategies for attracting a consistently good income, direction and clarity for implementing successful actions that will get you results

You are running a successful business and…

  • You want to grow your team, create a bigger income and better work-life balance
  • You are being reactive rather than proactive, you know you could be working more smartly and creating more financial wealth
  • You want strategies that give you and your business more structure, your team working more effectively; as a result your business will make more money and your time will be better balanced

Success Story - Business Start-up

How can Business Coaching help you?

You have been running your business for some time now but are slowly coming to the realisation you need more clarity and direction so you can achieve what you set out to. You are stressed, working too hard for too little return and unable to switch off at the end of the day. You know you need to stop procrastinating and start taking action as now is the time for you to really make your business work for you and make some more money.

Coaching stops you procrastinating and gets you taking the right actions. Having an objective sounding board ensures you have accountability for the right steps forward, helping you to create a plan you can see the results from pretty quickly. All this succeeds in you feeling more motivated, inspired, determined, full of self-belief and committed towards achieving and gaining new business, strategies for gaining consistent financial growth and creating a business you can be proud of.

What would you be achieving in your business if…

life_coaching   you had more clarity and direction?
life_coaching  you had strategies for attracting new business?
life_coaching you were being proactive rather than reactive?


How does coaching work?

I am an enthusiastic and results-driven Business Coach working with small business owners across Sutton Coldfield, Birmingham and the West Midlands. I am really passionate about helping business owners to identify their dream startup and business and Make it Happen! because I was once there myself “…she works just as hard as her clients to ensure progress is monitored and results achieved…”

My coaching is delivered via programs designed to give business owners the structure to follow to consistently create new business, work with the clients you love, delivering the products and services you love to deliver, for the financial return you know you deserve.

Call: 07739 196896 or email Clare at to have a chat…

Business owners working with me see improvements in all the following areas:

Making money with more consistency and ease

Better work-life balance More productive team members
Increased Confidence  Ability to problem solve Proactivity
More Self-assured Increased Motivation   Working more smartly
Clarity and direction Positive mindset Stress Relief

"I appointed Clare to assist me with a career transition from head of a department to starting a business. I have never known such structured progress in such a restricted time period. She exceeded my expectations and I have no hesitation in recommending her as a coach."
There are two lines from a poem which sum up how I feel now: 'I am the captain of my fate, [&] I am the captain of my soul. Abigail Hall

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